Sunday, August 24


Te quiero
dentro de mi boca,
para matar esta hambre
que tengo de tí.

Te quiero
en cada pedazo de mi piel
sentiendo tu sabor en la mía.

Te quiero, cariño mio...
Y te oferezco mi cuerpo,
mi amor
y mi olor.

Wednesday, August 13

Knock, knock...

Hello, gorgeous!

Come in,
i was waiting for you.


Come, come.

Now that you're here
i can stop dreaming of you

and start living on...

Friday, August 1

Please, Mr. Postman...

Pic by Rosiehardy

Could you do me a favour?
There is somewhere I want to be...

Today, all I want is to box myself up and ship myself to his front door.